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Windows Dial-Up Networking General Questions FAQ
« on: April 17, 2013, 07:28:14 PM »
How do I setup Windows Dial-Up Networking to allow me to connect to the internet via a Janus cellular radio?

The following is a quick how-to explaining the steps required to set-up Windows Dial-Up Networking for use with Janus cellular radios.  The instruction below are not unique to a specific Janus product, but will use the Serial UART port to establish internet connectivity.

The following how-to will reference Windows 7 terminology and screen shots, but the how-to should give you enough information to apply to older Windows OS versions.

Note:  See Underlined hyper-linked screen captures throughout the following steps

STEP 1 --->  Set-up Janus cellular radio as a Windows MODEM:

Open Phone and Modems from the Windows Control Panel.

If this is the first time Phone and Modems has been opened you will need to complete the Dialing Rules tab before continuing modem set-up.  Please note these setting will not be used, but are a Windows requirement.

Navigate to the Modems tab and select Add.

When the Install New Modem wizard appears select the check box Don't detect my modem; I will select it from a list.  Select Next to continue.

When prompted select Standard 56000 bps Modem.  Select Next to continue.

When prompted select the Windows serial port that the Janus cellular radio is connected.  In this example the Janus cellular radio is connected to COM17.

After Windows has finished setting up the modem you will need to select Finish to exit the setup wizard.

If you have a CDMA or EVDO Janus cellular radio then skip to Step 2.

To enter your GSM/HSPA APN please right click on the Standard 56000 bps Modem you just added and select properties.

Select Change settings under the General tab.

Navigate to the Advanced tab and enter the following command in the Extra initialization commands entry field.


IMPORTANT:  You will need to substitute your accounts APN in the command listed above in-order to set-up a dial-up connection with your GSM/HSPA radio.
You will need to contact your SIM card provider and ask for the APN for your account type.

Select OK to save APN entry.

STEP 2 --->  Configuring Dial-Up Network Connection:

Open Network and Sharing Center from the Windows Control Panel.

Select "Set up a new connection or network".

When prompted select Set up a dial-up connection.

When prompted enter the Dial-up phone number.  This how-to will use the GSM/HSPA Dial-up number of *99***1# and will not require a user name or password.
Select Connect to continue.

     For GSM and HSPA radios enter the following Dial-up Phone Number ---> *99***1#
     For CDMA and EVDO radios enter the following Dial-up Phone Number ---> #777
After selecting Connect the Network Connection Wizard will test your connection.  If you have correctly set up your Janus cellular radio you should be able to ping or browse via the cellular network connection.